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Today companies in BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) are relooking at current strategies, re-evaluating their business models and reinvesting in building efficiencies in systems and processes. With internal challenges, new regulations, tighter compliance, higher intervention by various stakeholders is focusing companies to be nimble, yet robust.

At Net Access we combine our technological expertise with deep industry knowledge to offer comprehensive IT infrastructure services. We work with our customer to optimize the way to use IT infrastructure as an engine of their business.

Our deliverables on Infrastructure solution & architecture include

  • Develops and maintains IT enterprise wide Architecture

  • Drives future IT rationalization concepts

  • Defines the Customer Group's Infrastructure

  • Develops and contributes to the monitoring of IT policies and standards

  • Data Center Services

Net Access specializes in the development, deployment and support of integrated IT infrastructure for healthcare. Translating clinical needs to IT solutions, we have established an enviable reputation for expertise and flexibility working with OEMs, hospital chiefs, clinical staffs and IT professionals.

Our in-depth healthcare expertise ensures computer systems from radiology and pathology to theatres and ICU have the infrastructure they need to operate effectively. Comprehensive solutions incorporating converged networks, computer systems, telephony systems dramatically improve:

  • Clinical workflows
  • Staff experience
  • Standards of patient care
  • Operational efficiency

The fast pace and global nature of the hi-tech and manufacturing industry demands continual innovation, speed, and agility even while finding ways to reduce cost and wastage of any kind.

Relying on factory automation to control and monitor your manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes requires a robust infrastructure that can handle all the demands of your manufacturing process. At Net Access, we take each client’s needs so that we may implement the most reliable and highly available solution to keep your manufacturing process running at its peak.

  • Network Infrastructure (Design, Mapping, Security Standards)

  • Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Wireless, Fiber Optics, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote and offsite use

  • Monitoring Systems (Local, Remote, and Mobile)

  • Domain Infrastructure (Design, Implementation, Security Standards)

  • High availability solutions

  • Backup systems (Design, Implementation, and Standards)

  • Database administration

  • Manufacturing Business Software

Retailers face differing levels of complexity in their IT infrastructure and have different strategic priorities. Accelerators such as a common retail process and data models help ensure that you deliver solutions faster.

Net Access retail practice combines the industry knowledge, best practices, software and tools you need to bridge the gap between your business and IT requirements. Net Access delivers products and solutions that capture, move and manage information in real time to and from the point of business activity. Net Access solutions integrate data capture technology, mobile computing platforms, wireless infrastructure and mobility software improves workforce productivity, reduce operating costs, drive operational efficiencies for retail segment.